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Sydney Transportation

Getting About Town

Transportation in Sydney is made possible through a system of ferries, buses and trains.  The system transports commuters to and from the city; however it is sometimes difficult to travel from place to place once in the city.  Trains operate underground in the city but do not travel to the suburbs.  Although the system is very economical, the best value is found in a travel pass.

New roads and expansion of the ferry and rail lines took place in 2000 with the coming of the Sydney Olympics.  Information on Sydney transportation can be had by calling 13-1500. If you have left items on ferries or busses call 9245-5777 or City Rail Call 9379-3000.


Flag Down a Taxi

When the weather is dry, taxis are plentiful and inexpensive.  Taxis line up an most major points through the city, including Wynyard Station, Central Station, Chifley Square, the State Theater and Elizabeth Bay.  Booking Fee is $2, flag fall is $3.15 and then $1.85 per km.  Cabbies in Australia are known for their honesty and may help with your luggage.  Do not forget to ask your cabbie where to visit in Sydney.


Sydney Taxis:

Legion Cabs: +61-2 13 1451 or +61-2 9289-9000 

Premier Cabs: +61-2 13 1017 or +61-2 9897-4000

Taxis Combined Services: +61-2 13-1008 or +61-2 9332-8888 

RSL Cabs: +61-2 13 1581 or +61-2 9699-0144 

Wheelchair Taxis are available at:   1-800-043-187 or +61-2 9332-0200 

Customers should be aware that there may be a surcharge for using a credit card to pay for taxis.


Leave the Beaten Path, Take a Water Taxi

If all the traffic of Sydney is starting to get to you, why not relax and get where you are going on a water taxi.  Fares do vary, but begin at $60 for a group of 4.


Slow but Inexpensive, the Bus System

Busses arrive at stops frequently and service reaches into the suburbs.  Express bus routes are designated with an “X”.  Express busses travel to suburban areas from the city’s major centers.

Fares are determined by zones traveled.  You may choose to pay for bus service by one way or round trip.  A day-tripper is available for $17.  The day-tripper covers bus, train and ferry trips for the day.  Seven-day passers are between $34 and $50 according to which services are desired and zone.

State buses are available form 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Night ride buses offer services when public buses are unavailable.  Night ride fares range from $3.70 to $7.50.  Buses have radio contact with taxis.  Ask your driver to request your taxi meet you at the bus stop.

Bus terminals are located at Circular Quay, Millers Point, Opera House Railway Square, Queen Victoria Building, Spring/Gresham Streets, and Wynyard.

Fore more information on state buses visit the Information Kiosk at the corner of Alfred and Loftus Streets, Circular Quay or call 61-2 9219-1600.


Traveling by Car

Traffic in Sydney is often very congested, especially during peak travel times.  The cost of parking alone is often more than bus, train or taxi fare.  

Exploring the coastal regions by car is a great option.  Many rental vehicles are available.