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Sydney Sports and Activities

Some People Visit Sydney for the Sports

Play on the Water

With over 2000km (1250 miles) of coastline in New South Wales stretching both south and north of Sydney, there are great conditions for water sports and activities in Sydney.  Try your hand at diving sea kayaking, surfing or windsurfing.  Popular surfing beaches include the northerly beaches of Palm Beach and Callaroy as well as the southerly beaches of Coogee and Bronte.  Although some distance from Sydney (800kn or 500 miles) north of Sydney, Byron Bay has excellent conditions for surfing.  The Harbour offers many kinds of water sports and beginning the day after Christmas each year there is a yearly 2000km (1250 miles) boat race to the city of Hobart in Tasmania from Sydney Harbour.


Play on Sandy Beaches

Manly and Bondi are great beaches that are close to Sydney.  Following the Pacific Highway along the coast about 200 km (125 miles) to the north, you will reach Port Stevens, which has safe beaches for swimming and other water activities.  Still further north, Port Macquarie, in the Great Lakes District is known for houseboat holidays, windsurfing and fishing.  Continuing another 250km (150 miles) is Coffs Harbour.   Famous for swimming facilities, sailing and swimming, this tropical resort town offers many other activities including adventure sports.  In the streams of the Kosciusko National Park of the Snowy Mountains or in the North West region are fantastic opportunities for white water rafting or kayaking.


What is under there?

Why not take a dive to see.  Snorkeling or scuba diving trips are available through numerous companies on boats built especially for these expeditions.  You can choose many destinations along the coast and some companies even travel to Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.  Also, try diving at Byron Bay, Doffs Harbour or Jarvis bay.


Mammals of the Sea

From May to December is the best time to see whales and dolphins.  Bottlenose dolphins can be found in at Port Stevens all year long.  Charters provide dolphin and whale watching trips.  Reef education tours and great white shark encounters are also offered.  Nelson Bay is the place of departure for most of these trips.


Visit the Mountains

South of Sydney 526 km. (329 miles) in the Snowy Mountains, you will find places for snowboarding, cross-country skiing or alpine skiing.  Mount Kosciusko is Australias highest mountain and located in the Great Dividing Range.  While ski season lasts from June to October, the summer offers opportunity for canoeing and mountain biking.  Only 104 km. (65 miles) from Sydney are the Blue Mountains.  This area is perfect for bushwalking and many other activities.


Climb a Bridge

Why not climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge while in Sydney.  It only takes about three hours by climbing ladders, catwalks and archways you get an unsurpassed view of the harbour.  You will need special clothing and will climb in a group of 10 climbers.  To find out more contact the tourist board or Bridge climb at  Climbers must be over 12.


Hit the Links

In New South Wales, you will find The Lands and Riverside Oaks.  These are two of Australias best-known golf courses.  Tour operators offer golfing trips to these two fine golf courses.

Whatever sports and activities in which you wish to participate can be found in or around Sydney.