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Sydney Shopping

Sydney Shopping – World Class Shopping Experience On The Way

Sydney is the place to have fun and shop at a number of malls, specialty stores and markets located in various parts of the city. The good phpect of shopping at Sydney is that the departmental stores and malls are located in the close proximity of each other and are connected via tunnels and walkways. So, one can easily move from one shopping place to another in search of branded products as well as casual items. The visitors and those relocating to the city can read the discussion below to learn about Sydney shopping.


What to Shop

* Fashion accessories and body care products can be purchased from various shopping outlets located in malls and departmental stores.

* Clothes for men as well as women are amongst the most hunted products in the city. There are many designer stores offering fabulous designs from ace Australian designers.

* Shoes and bags are other products that can be on your list for shopping at Sydney. You will be happy to find these products at most reasonable price tags.

* Jewelry collections are also capable of grabbing the attention of shoppers wandering around the city. Apart from this, eyewear is another category of products available for the interested buyers.

* Books and CDs are the items available throughout the city at various shopping places.


Shopping hours

The shopping hours usually begin at nine in the morning and get over at five in the evenings. This is however, the usual schedule for weekdays.  On Thursdays and Saturdays, the times are somewhat different, for on a Thursday the shoppers can fill their bags until 9pm, and on Saturdays, the shopping spree begins at 8.30am and subsides at 4.30pm in most stores and malls.  There is a chance for tourist area shops in hangouts to operate on Sundays.


Where to Shop

DAVID JONES, on Castlereagh Street is the citys flagship store.  Another cool place to check out is Growing Brothers, the gentlemans emporium that is located at the corner of George Street and Market Street.  This place is a real oldie as was began in 1868, yet nevertheless it has maintained its reputation and is still popular.  Grace Bros located at 436 George Street is yet another place, which lures shoppers and is really down to earth.

* Castlereagh Street may be the citys designer row, however this does not take account the many fine stores at 19-29 Martin Place, the MLC Centre, 2 Chifley Square, or at Chifley Plaza.

* Shopping malls promise an exotic shopping experience for the fist time visitors to the city. The well-maintained malls house variety of shops to be explored by the visitors a swell as the local residents.

* Departmental stores are capable of housing all categories of products that an individual can think of buying. As mentioned earlier, it is convenient to move from one store to another, as they are well-connected to each other.

* Boutiques and shops are other eligible shopping places to catch your attention. These shopping hubs are located in different corners of the city and can be easily visited. 

* Markets, arcades and shopping plazas can be found in large number all over the city and can be visited to entertain all types of shopping needs.

Sydney is one of the preferred relocation places around the world. If you are also collecting the information about the city with an aim to relocate, you need to refer to a useful resource guide at 


Important Shopping Areas

Queen Victoria Building is the most visited Sydney shopping hub, as it houses as many as 180 variety stores. You will be amazed to find a large number of boutiques, jewelry shops and other shopping outlets located in the premises.

* Skygarden is another famous shopping point in Sydney. One can buy Australian as well as internationally renowned brands at this place that is located in the heart of Sydney. A variety of products can be purchased at this place and one can have a wonderful shopping experience.

* Chifley Plaza, Pitt Street Mall, Glasshouse, Westfield Centrepoint and World Square are other recommendable places for shopping.

So, you can enjoy the fun-filled shopping experience at variety of shopping places located in the city. Shopping in Sydney is an experience worth keeping in your good memories.


Fashion @ Sydney!

Due to the increasing number of talented fashion designers in the city, Sydney has laid the foundation for being the fashion capital of the region. The fashion from this place is penetrating markets all over the globe. Among the popular fashion designers are Lisa Ho, (a Paris fashion week regular) and Collette Dinnigan (a regular at Paris Fashion Week).


For all you foodies out there!

SYDNEY offers a huge variety of lip smacking cuisine.  Simon Johnson Quality Foods offers excellent gourmet food.  At Coo-ee Aboriginal Emporium & Art Gallery you will find aboriginal artefacts and at Surjection the newest in board gear.

Oxford Street is worth exploring due to the large variety of shops. At Queen street, there are top of the line antique shops.  Small fashion shops are found from Woolahra, through Edge cliff and on to Paddington, and at the camp end found in Darlinghurst.  Craft and souvenir shops are found at The Rocks, Chinatown and Darling Harbour.


Jewels r us!

A good collection of gems can be found at The Rocks, which digs up its wares from the major opal fields of Australia.  Flame Opals, located on George Street and Rocks Opal Mine on Harrington Street also have a great selection of opals, as does Gemstone Boutique located downtown on George Street. Pphpaley Pearls, located on King Street, is the place to be if you really into pearls.



For all you seafood maniacs out there , markets at The Rocks, Bondi Beach and Balmain, are the places you need to visit to satisfy your taste buds, but the for the freshest seafood, go to Black wattle Bay and visit the Sydney Fish Market, at Black wattle Bay, which stocks over 100 varieties.  There you will find fish cafes and sushi bars.