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Sydney Phone Directory

Communicating In Australia

Australia has an excellent domestic and international communications service. Communication in Sydney is modern and advanced and primarily uses fiber optic networks. It connects households and businesses through copper lines and allows one to call long distance within the country (STD) without operator assistance or make an IDD (International Direct Dialing) call.


Using the payphone 

Two major payphone operators in Australia are Telstra and Tritel. Both companies charge 50c for each local call and some Telstra payphones have the ability to send SMS for 20c per message. Both payphones accept all local coins and Tritel or Telstra phone cards, which are available at news agencies.

Credit phones require special telephone cards, debit cards or credit cards from many leading companies like Visa. Credit card phones are found in airports, major locations in the city and hotels.


Calling abroad

A service called Country Direct also lets one connect to an operator if you are calling from a foreign telephone network and not get charged for long distance calls.


Mobile communications in Australia

Mobile phones may also be rented in Australia, or you can bring your cell phone along. Mobile networks in Australia operate on 800 for CDMA, 900 and 1800 bands for GSM. Users of Telstra will be charged for international roaming agreements in many countries. Further details can be seen at the company’s website. You must contact your service provider to activate international roaming in Australia. 


Sydney Useful Telephone Numbers

Police, Fire and Ambulance 000
Abortion Hotline 9233 3780
Alcohol and Drug Information Service 1800 422 599
Ambulance bookings 13 12 33
Cancer council 9334 1900
Centrecare Pregnancy Support 9283 3099
Emergency Dental Info (after hours) 9369 1111
Emergency Prescription Service 9235 0333
Medicare 12 20 11
Poisons Information Hotline 13 11 26
Rape Crisis Centre 9819 6565
Royal North Shore Hospital 9926 7111
St. Vincents Hospital 9339 1111
Sydney Hospital Emergency 9382 7111
Sydney Sexual Health Centre 9382 7440