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Sydney Passport and Visa

When you think Australia what comes to mind? Is it the beaches, the rich culture, or just the hotties with the great tans and pleasant accents? Well how about how you are going to get your visa and passport. 

While yes there are a select few of countries that do not require a visa (i.e. New Zealand), the greater number of them require you leave the country 8 hours after arrival. Other international countries require you to have a travel visa before entering their country.

Please remember, not all airports are like a 24/7 convenient stores so, before scheduling a flight take the time zone change into consideration and be sure to contact the airlines to make sure youll arrive in time!



EAT Visas (Electronic Travel Authority)

This method seems to be becoming more and more popular when it comes to obtaining a travel visa. This is an electronically stored visa that lets people from certain countries to enter Australia (temporarily of course) for either tourism or business needs. The ETS is unapparent so it will not show up on your passport.


Keep in mind that their are only a few countries that are allowed to use the ETA so do your research and find out if this option is available to you.




Types of ETA and Costs

If you are just visiting then the ETA is free of change. Business trips however differ, if it is a long-term trip then it will cost you $60, but short term is free. On another note if you are planning to apply online be aware there is a service fee when going through the DIMA ETA website. In addition, a handful of travel agents and airlines charge a processing fee.

The validity of an ETA usually lasts for 12 months or until your passport expires. They also permit numerous entries into "The Down under" that last for up to three months. The long-term business trips are valid through the life of your passport and allow for multiple entries with the three month stay. Short-term business trips are valid for a year or until the passport expires, but only allow for a single entry of up to three months. 


Other Visas

For those who do not live in a country that is permitted to use a ETA, you may apply for a Tourist Visitor/Business Visitor visa. The cost to take this route is £25. The validity of either visa differs according to the type. It will state on your passport how long your visa will last on the visa label in your passport.

You may submit your visa application to ETA, authorized travel agents/airlines, or by telephone or online through Australian Visas LTD.