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You get direct access to serviced apartment and serviced office owners so that you can get the very best rate. To help you with your search, we give you instant pricing and availability so that you contact properties matching with your requirements.

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Serviced Apartment Singapore: Travelers’ Paradise

Regardless of whether you're travelling alone on business or with your family on vacation, you'll find a serviced apartment Singapore that fits your needs. Serviced apartments will provide all the benefits of a hotel and considerably more flexibility. They'll also offer many pleasant surprises during your stay. You'll find these apartments throughout Singapore, from the Central West area and Geylang to Raffles Place, River Valley and Sentosa Island. It's a stylish and economical lodging solution!

Use this directory to find the best apartments for your stay. We pool the listings of a number of service providers so that you can use this site as a one-stop shop. There are apartments available for every taste. Using our listings, you'll be able to quickly find apartments that match you'll be able to find the best, most affordable match for your needs. Whether you're planning to stay one night, a week, a month or more, you'll find the perfect serviced apartment here.

Rents vary depending on the apartment, but you'll find that every one offers the best value for the money. The majority of apartments run from 300 to 500 S$ per night, but you'll find some that are cheaper and some that are more expensive. The most expensive apartments, which charge up to 1,200 S$ per night, offer greater space, services and amenities. Their offerings rival or exceed those of five-star hotels.

You find all the leisurely needs fulfilled in the holiday resort settings of the apartments. Most of the apartments are built amid the natural greenery and secluded from the hustling crowds of city. You are provided with all the modern amenities including the pools and Jacuzzi. You have choice of the floor you choose. One-to-three bedroom apartments are separately built to provide you maximum privacy. You can conveniently choose from among them as per your needs. Being alone to stay or with one more fellow, you can enjoy the freedom of saving money as you may need less space.

Every traveler has his or her own requirements, and there are apartments available for every taste. Many, for example, are located in spacious buildings surrounded by natural flora. Even these are located near transportation hubs, shopping centers, boutiques, department stories, discos and movie theaters. Public transportation in Singapore is so efficient, you can get anywhere within 30 minutes.

The living arrangements are available in several different classes: Superior, deluxe and premium. You'll usually find a separate living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room in the apartment. The furniture is of high quality and the kitchen is equipped with all the latest gadgets to help you with your culinary creations.

Serviced apartments also include telephone, cable TV and wireless internet services. You'll find your apartment includes a DVD player, high-definition TV and other modern appliances. With a serviced apartment Singapore, you'll be relaxed, comfortable and amid the latest technology of the modern age.