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Seoul Airport Information

Incheon International Airport

Located 52 km west of Seoul, the capital of Republic of Korea, and just 15km from Incheon Port, the Winged City(or IIA) is a new state-of-the-art airport built on 5,610 hectares of reclaimed land located between two islands, Yeongjong-do and Yongyu-do. IIA opened on March 29, 2001 after the construction work of long standing since 1992.

Geographically, located between Japan and China from East to West, and between and Siberia Southeast Asia from South to North, the location of IIA represents a premier regional gateway to major air routes to about 40 cities, each with more than one million people. All of these cities are within 3.5 hours-flying time.

The passenger terminal, 1,055 meters long and 149 meters wide, and a 4-story building with 2-story basement, is the biggest one all over the world, and it provides various concessions including business rooms, special stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Floor Information

  • Basement
    In addition to providing five direct accesses to the Transportation Center, all types of support and convenience facilities are provided at this level.
  • Ground Floor-Arrivals Level
    At the arrivals level, the Baggage Claim Area, Customs Check Area, and Meeters & Greeters Halls are provided on the landside, while the Baggage Handling Area, Ramp Operation and other apron area support facilities are located on the airside.
  • Second Floor-Arrivals Mezzanine Level
    This level is linked to arrivals gates - the airside consists of Arrival Concourse and Arrival Passport Control, while the landside consists of airline offices, concessions and building support spaces. Arrival Concourse as the first airport space experienced by fatigued passengers upon their arrival, its design is focused on comfort and relaxation. A careful selection of finishes, colors, lighting etc. are complemented by the views through the continuous glass curtain wall as they move on moving sidewalks.
  • Third Floor-Departures Level
    Marked by state-of-the-art roof structures and curtain walls, the departure level consists of the departure hall, where ticketing, check-in and security check take place, and where there are passport inspection areas, concourses and boarding lounges.
  • Fourth Floor-Departures Mezzanine Level
    This level provides a concentration of comfort and convenience facilities dedicated to providing passengers comfort, while maintaining the segregation of landside and airside areas. In airside, various recreational facilities, transit hotels, CIP lounge and transit lounge are located for long stay transit/transfer passengers. In landside, restaurants and shops are located to provide services for pre-departure passengers and visitors.

Facilities Information

Facility Phone Number Facility Phone Number
Airport Information 82-32-741-0104 Animal Quarantine(CIQ) 82-32-740-2660
Medical Center 82-32-743-3119 Plant Quarantine(CIQ) 82-32-