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Rome Meeting Rooms Definition

Hire superb meeting rooms, training rooms and conferences centres with Moveandstay. See the meeting room definition and types below, Book a meeting room now

Meeting Rooms Definition

As wikipedia states it, a conference hall or conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences. It is commonly found at large hotels and convention centers though many other establishments, including even hospitals, have one. Sometimes, other rooms are modified for large conferences such as arenas or concert halls. Aircraft have been fitted out with conference rooms.

Conference rooms can be windowless for security purposes. An example of one such room is in the Pentagon, known as the Tank.

Typically, the facility provides furniture, overhead projectors, stage lighting, and sound system. These are arranged for through payment to the facility provider by the host. The number of people attending can vary from a few to over a thousand.

Smoking is normally prohibited in conference halls even when other parts of buildings permit smoking.

Types of Meeting Rooms

Moveandstay provides different types of meeting rooms, find below some meeting rooms types

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for your off-site meetings and conferences. Our administrative support staff is available to cater to your every business need. Meet in an attractive, professional room that facilitates your agenda with state-of-the-art equipment.

Board Rooms

Whether you are presenting to your largest client or holding off-site company meetings, our board rooms are the ideal professional working environment.

Conference Rooms

Kick off a conference in a spacious, professional and comfortably appointed environment that inspires a constructive and lively group discussion. We let you focus on your agenda while we handle the logistics.

Interview Rooms

Interview prospective employees in an intimate setting that creates the right impression and encourages forthright conversation.

Training Rooms

The ideal setting for all your training needs. Our specially designed training rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology, supported by IT and administrative professionals.

Data Rooms

As a neutral, third-party location, our data rooms provide the highest level of security. Financial, legal, consulting and pharmaceutical firms have found that our lockable rooms, on-site security and flexibility are ideal places for negotiating and closing the deal.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Reduce travel costs by up to 75% by connecting with colleagues and clients over a secure video connection on the world's largest network of public access video-conferencing studios in professional business environments. We’ll arrange every detail for your conference and provide continued technical support.

Audio Conferencing

Hold group discussions with remote colleagues and clients using state-of-the-art conference phones and reliable, proficient administrative assistance.

Web Conferencing

Collaborate online with secure extranets, real-time chatting and Internet phone capability

Located in full-service, professional business environments, Moveandstay meeting facilities have everything you need to make your business meeting as productive as possible. Book a meeting room now