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What is Moveandstay?

Moveandstay is a place for people to find great places to live and work - we're here to provide choice of apartments and offices and to help you "design and optimize" your busy life.

We find that places to live and work are the pillars in living a great life. The place you work and live has a great effect on your quality of life, and we are committed to propose you the best possible choice in all major cities around Asia-Pacific and Europe.

How do we do this? All apartments and offices on Moveandstay - from a studio apartment along the chaopraya river in Bangkok to a large office suite on top of the highest tower in Hong Kong - are submitted by our community (that could be you), property owners or managers, screened by Moveandstay team, and reviewed by our clients (that would be you in some cases!) .

Once an apartment or office is featured on Moveandstay, you might book it if you plan to stay only a few days or weeks in the apartment, or try it if you plan to stay in this apartment several months.

Hang on. Try an apartment? Yes, if you plan to move to a new city, don't book a hotel. Instead, check-in one of our apartments for a week, without commitment to extend. If you think the apartment is not the best for you after a week, then you are free to move out, and only pay for the week you stayed in. Two advantages: you do have place to stay while searching for the best apartment to live in, and that very same apartment could be the right one!

And that's not it. Because Moveandstay is all about sharing and discovery, there's a conversation that happens around each places to live and work. We're here to promote that conversation and provide tools for our community to discuss the cities that they're passionate about. By looking at information through the lens of the collective community on Moveandstay, you'll always find something interesting and unique.

We're committed to giving the very best places to live and work in major cities in Asia-Pacific and Europe - with your help!