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Perth Metro Subway Skytrain

Perth Metropolitan Overview

This map covers the metropolitan Perth region in the South-West corner of Australia . Perth, with a population of around 1 million, is a dynamic and wealthy city built on the profits from the almost boundless mineral resources of the State of Western Australia - the Texas of downunder. Proudly proclaiming itself as the worlds most remote city, Perth came to prominence when it hosted the America s Cup yacht racing series in the late 1980s.

Suburban trains in Perth are operated by Western Australian Government Railways under the brand-name Transperth. There are four lines radiating from the downtown Perth station. After years of neglect, Perths railway system was completely rebuilt commencing with the re-opening of the formerly closed Fremantle line in late 1983, then in the early 1990s the entire network was electrified and an entirely new fleet of trains built. A totally new line was constructed in the mid 1990s (to Joondalup, later extended to Currambine). Major new extensions are planned or underway with a further northward extension from Currambine to Clarkson and another new line Southwards to Rockingham and Mandurah. The system is impressively modern and it is possibly one of the most efficient anywhere. Trains are fast, comfortable, safe, inexpensive and frequent - just about everything you could want in a rail network.

Country trains from the South arrive and depart from Perth station, however trains from the East arrive and depart from the less conveniently located East Perth Terminal station.

Perth Metropolitan Area

Perth Metropolitan Area