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Serviced offices Worldwide

Whether you need a full-time office World-wide, an office for your one week in Singapore or a meeting room to run some interviews for a day in Italy , we can help you. We work with all the major serviced office providers. We put you in direct contact with the provider running the office space of your choice, but we are here if you need some assistance.

Our clients can fall into the following categories:

-Branch Offices - Businesses which are typically headquartered abroad or in another city which require a business presence in the area of operation of the serviced office (also called a business center). Usually, these are businesses wanting to explore new potential markets (ie. expanding your consulting business in , for example).

-Start-up Companies - Entrepreneurs who do not want to invest too much capital at first, go for a serviced office. No need for buying furniture, decoration, nor do you need to hire an assistant to answer your phone calls: a serviced office does that for you, right from the day you move-in.

-Overflow - Typically a large company experiencing growth, with traditional leased space in the area which it has outgrown. These can be short-term requirements (3-6 months) for large number of users (as many as 40-50).

-Project-based - Clients that have a specific need for office space, based on a specific contract or project. Examples include film production teams or attorneys in the discovery process.

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Serviced Offices
Office Space for 1 persons in London
Prestigious Office in City Centre, London
Fully Furnished, Workstations for 1 Persons

Virtual Offices
Virtual Offices in Burbank
Prestigious Address
Feature: Address

Meeting Rooms
Cork Meeting Rooms
Type : Meeting Room (max 15 persons)
City Centre, Cork
Price : 27.00 per Hour


Serviced offices have become very popular with companies that are trying to establish a new regional presence, have additional space requirements for a limited amount of time or are in a transitional phase. Serviced offices are provided and maintained by management companies. Corporations and businesses may rent individual offices, entire floors or a whole building, depending upon their needs. You'll find that offers serviced office space virtually anywhere in the world.

A serviced office, which is a secure and flexible space, comes furnished and completely ready for business. Costs vary for these spaces, which are also known as managed offices, business centers, executive suites and executive centers. Costs are determined by the size of the space, the type of equipment provided and any additional services that may be requested. These offices, which are designed for convenience, are located in business districts of large cities throughout the world. Usually a business can expand within the serviced building fairly quickly. Rental terms can be changed as circumstances develop.

The serviced office is popular for many reasons. First, there are no additional maintenance costs, since the management company is in charge of ensuring that the facility is in working order. Also, because tenants share resources and business equipment, the serviced office tends to be cost effective and much less expensive than if a company sets up, stocks and supplies and maintains an individual office space.

Use to locate the serviced office that meets your company's needs. You'll be able to locate the office that is just the right fit for your business.

Moveandstay provides 54,434 serviced offices worldwide.

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What is a Serviced Offices?
Serviced office space and business centres offer short or long-term accommodation solutions for businesses. These offices are perfect for small and large organisations as they are normally available immediately with a flexible contractual agreement and offer shared support services. Offices can range from pure space or fully furnished offices, which have telephones and secretarial services already in place.