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Milan Chamber of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce, Via Cantù 1. Tel. 02.8690.661, fax 02.8057.737,

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) offers a wide range of services aimed at informing, promoting and developing all possible business opportunities between Italy and the United States. Consulting for business start-ups in the United States and Italy. The Business Line service is a direct link with AmCham experts for advice, guidance and immediate opinions on a series of issues pertaining to your business operations.

British Chamber of Commerce, Via Dante 12. Tel. 02.877798, 02.8056094,

The British Chamber of Commerce in Milan offers networking opportunities amongst its members. Fees for membership start at Euro 248 for individuals, Euro 425 for companies. Their webpages provide an introduction to business in Italy.

Camera di Commercio, Via Meravigli 9/b, Milano, Tel. 02 85151. Office for relations with the public in Via delle Orsole, 4, tel 02 8515 5790.

You will come into contact with this organisation as they run the company register, issue certificates and perform all types of other bureaucratic functions. The site is entirely in Italian.

Assolombarda, Via Pantano 9, Milan, tel. 0258370.1, the Lombardy industrialists’ association, have a site that is entirely in Italian.

Chamber of Commerce Listing in Italy

American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Via Cant?, 20123 Milan (tel: 869-0661; fax: 805-7737; e-mail:

Bergamo Camera di Commercio, Largo Belotti 16, 24121 Bergamo (tel: 422-5111; fax: 226-023; e-mail:

Bologna Camera di Commercio, Palazzo Mercanzia, Piazza Mercanzia 4, 40125 Bologna (tel: 609-3111; fax: 609-3451; e-mail:

Brescia Camera di Commercio, Via Orzinuovi 3, 25125 Brescia (tel: 351-41; fax: 351-4222; e-mail:

British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, Via Dante 12, 20121 Milan (tel: 877-798; fax: 8646-1885; e-mail:

Ferrara Camera di Commercio, Via Borgoleoni 11, 44100 Ferrara (tel: 783-711; fax: 240-204; e-mail:

Florence Camera di Commercio, Piazza dei Giudici 3, 50122 Florence (tel: 2795-1; fax: 2795-259; e-mail:

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy, Via Cusani 5, 20121 Milan (tel: 725-371; fax: 865-593; e-mail:

Genoa Camera di Commercio, Via Garibaldi 4, 16124 Genoa (tel: 270-41; fax: 270-4300; e-mail:

German-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Via Napo Torriani 29, 20124 Milan (tel: 679-131; fax: 6698-0964; e-mail:

Mantua Camera di Commercio, Via Pietro Fortunato Calvi 28, 46100 Mantua (tel: 234-1; fax: 234-234; e-mail:

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