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 Qantas Business Class – Comfort While Sleeping, Eating And Working

Qantas enjoys the status of being the second oldest operating airline company and it is also the largest airline service of Australia. Originally called QANTAS (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services), the airline has Sydney Airport as its focal point. Qantas has always enjoyed top ranks in the list of Skytrax and a significant part of the credit for this can be given to the services offered in Qantas business class and other passenger classes.

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Qantas business class and its salient features are reviews in the following discussion.

Business Class Comfort

The sets installed in the business class cabin of Qantas aircrafts have a unique cocoon like structure to offer enhanced privacy. The seats are designed to provide extensive adjustment features to different passengers with varying heights. Here are some of the features and facilities offered by these seats:

The seats can be transformed into the 2 m long bed that is the longest dimension offered by any airline in the world.

Built-in back massagers are among the useful facilities offered to the passengers.

One can enjoy huge stretching and relaxing capability, as the seats can be reclined to 61 cm.

Comfortable cushion designs are also provided to the customers to facilitate them with good sleep at night.

The seats offer a comfortable pitch of 122-127 cm.

Headrests have unique ear designs to extend the level of comfort.

AC power sockets that can be used to attach the laptops.

Entertainment Provisions

While flying in the business class of Qantas, one can desire for an array of entertainment features to make it a great journey:

Wide 26.5 cm touch screens have been installed that can be tilted to offer convenient viewing.

Noise canceling headphones are also integrated with each entertainment unit.

Audio video on demand facilities are other attractions, along with facilities to start, pause, fast forward and so on.

The huge entertainment database includes 60 movies and 200 TV programs. One can also choose among radio channels, video games and CDs.

Food Menus

One can enjoy the restaurant style dining experience while flying in the Qantas business class. In addition, the room service like arrangement can add to the experience of the passengers. You can also order drinks and snacks at any point of your journey.

Amenity Kits

Skin care products and toiletries are the items included in the amenity kits offered to the business class passengers. Razors, shaving creams, toothpaste and toothbrush are among the items included in these kits. The business class passengers can take advantage of all these items to make their journey convenient.

Qantas business class can be easily included in the list of most capable traveler classes offered by the airlines all over the world. You can expect an exclusive business trip by taking advantage of the great facilities.