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London Metro Subway Skytrain

Greater London is home to some 8 million people and apart from the London Underground, a dense network of commuter railways (former Network SouthEast) is operated by several private companies like Connex, Thameslink or First, especially in the south of the city.

Most of todays underground lines were built in the first half of the 20th century in deep level tube tunnels within the central area of London and extended above ground through the suburbs. The Victoria Line was the last important addition to the network (opened 1968-71).

After the expanding of the underground network almost came to a stop in the seventies, a light rail system was built for the new housing developments in the former docklands (Docklands Light Railway) which was expanded underground under the Thames to Greenwich and Lewisham (opened 20 Nov 1999 except Cutty Sark station).

In South London, around Croydon, a modern tram network was built which runs on street level in downtown Croydon and on old BR rail alignments on outer routes. The system opened for traffic in summer 2000.

In 1993 construction work for the south-east extension of the Jubilee Line began. The above ground section between Stratford and North Greenwich opened May 14, 1999 with a limited service Monday - Friday. The second section from North Greenwich to Bermondsey has been operating since Sept. 17, 1999. On 24 Sept. 1999 trains ran to Waterloo for the first time without stopping at the intermediate stations. On 7 Oct. 1999 also London Bridge station was put into service. The missing section between Waterloo and Green Park was put into service without celebrations on 20 November 1999 (plus Southwark station) although Westminster Station opened later, on 22 Dec. 1999. Former Jubilee Line terminus at Charing Cross was closed on 20 Nov. 1999.

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