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London Holidays

The following are holidays throughout the United Kingdom unless otherwise specified:

Fixed Public Holidays

1 January New Years Day  
2 January Bank Holiday in Scotland only
17 March St Patricks Day in N. Ireland only  
1st Monday in May May Day Bank Holiday
Last Monday in May Bank Holiday
12 July Battle of the Boyne Day in Northern Ireland only
1st Monday in August Summer Bank Holiday in Scotland only
Last Monday in August Summer Bank Holiday except Scotland
25 December Christmas Day  
26 December Boxing Day (St Stephens Day for Roman Catholics)

Holidays falling on a weekend are celebrated on the Monday following. If two consecutive holidays fall on a Saturday and Sunday, they are observed on the Monday and Tuesday following.

Scottish clearing banks observe the British, not the Scottish Bank Holidays.

New Years Eve, 31 December 1999 was a special public holiday.

There will be an extra days holiday on Monday June 3rd, 2002 to mark HM Queen Elizabeth IIs Golden Jubilee (50th year of accession to the throne). The bank holiday normally held one week earlier will be held on June 4th.

Moveable Public Holidays

Feast 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Good Friday 28 Mar 10 Apr 2 Apr 21 Apr 13 Apr 29 Mar 18 Apr 9 Apr
Easter   30 Mar 12 Apr 4 Apr 23 Apr 15 Apr 31 Mar 20 Apr 11 Apr
Easter Monday 31 Mar 13 Apr 5 Apr 24 Apr 16 Apr 1 Apr 21 Apr 12 Apr

Non-holiday Observances

25 January Burns Night or Burns Supper (Scotland only)
27 January WWII Genocide Memorial Day (from 2001)
14 February Valentines Day  
1 March St. Davids Day (Patron Saint of Wales)
2nd Monday in March Commonwealth Day
1 April April Fools Day
23 April St. Georges Day (Patron Saint of England)
3rd Sunday in June Fathers Day
31 October Halloween
5 November Guy Fawkes Day
11 Novem