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Kuala Lumpur Asian Airlines Business Class

 Malaysia Airlines Business Class – Reviewing The Facilities And Features

Malaysia Airlines is based at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and offers international flights to various parts of Asia, Europe and other continents. It is one of the 6 airlines, which have been given five star rating for offering exclusive services to the passengers. Also, it is in the list of Skytrax Quality Approved Airlines and hence, one can expect world-class services while traveling in business class of Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia and other Asian cities offer good business opportunities to the individuals from various parts of the world. In order to get familiar with relocation tools to the city, one can visit The website is a good online resource to share useful information about these cities with the visitors.

You can read the following discussion to get an idea of what services are offered in the Malaysia Airlines business class.

Seats with Luxury

The seats installed in the business class cabin of Malaysia Airlines offer comfort and luxury to the business travelers. The lie-flat seats have electronic controls and can be reclined to 180 degree for comfortable sleep. The seats are highly adjustable to meet the specific requirements of different travelers.

Lumbar support and adjustable leg rest and headrests are some of the added advantages for the passengers traveling through the airlines business class. Each seat offers a width of 20.25 inch and a pitch of 58 inch.

One can also enjoy the facilities like power points for connecting laptops and other devices, mood lighting system and electronic controller to make adjustments with a button. Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 are some of the aircrafts installed with these facilities.

 Working in the Air

With business class facilities offered by Malaysia Airlines, one can conveniently work during the journey. The work-friendly environment and mood lighting system to reduce the effects of jet lag are some of the favorable advantages for the passengers. The adjustable table can be used to accommodate the laptop and one can also use 115V power outlet to restore the battery life of the laptop. Business news and Live Text facilities can also be accessed by the interested business travelers. 

Entertainment Onboard

In-flight entertainment with Malaysia Airlines business class is definitely a good experience for the business travelers. The collection of music albums and the menu of an array of channels can add to the entertainment one can desire in the air.

The 10.4 inch LCD screens offer wonderful quality to the viewer. SELECT-plus entertainment system facilitates the passengers to explore the music and movie library and choose one to enjoy. Video game console is another good facility included in the list of entertainment features.

Amenities like skin care products, toothbrush and toothpaste are offered to the passengers. Also, one can find writing pads and postcards available for use. One added advantage is the availability of temptations as products one can shop while traveling.

Malaysia Airlines business class is definitely an experience worth remembering. A business traveler can consider it as a good beginning of his or her business trip.