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Home Kuala-Lumpur Apartments & Villas For Sale Buying Apartments & Villas in Kuala-Lumpur: 10 Useful Articles

Kuala Lumpur Buying Apartments & Villas in Kuala-Lumpur: 10 Useful Articles

Find below ten interesting articles we have collected related to buying an apartment or a villa in Kuala-Lumpur.

Browse our listing selection of apartments & villas for sale in Kuala-Lumpur.

10 Useful Articles

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Condo by Yahoo! Finance
"You've found your dream condo, and you're ready to relax among the mango trees and swaying date palms. Hold everything. To keep from getting stuck with a lemon, you've got to do some homework. Here are the seven most important questions you need to ask before buying a condo."

How much can you afford by
"The first thing you need to do is decide how much you can afford. You will need to look at how much money you have available yourself and how much you can borrow. There are a number of different financial institutions which offer loans to people buying a property, for example, building societies and banks. You should find out if you are able to borrow money and if so, how much (for information on mortgages, see under heading Mortgages)."

Buying A Condo Is Not Like Buying A House by Glenn Setzer
"People tend to think of condominiums as smaller houses without the yard work. And, since most condo owners are at opposite ends of the homeownership spectrum, either first time buyers seeking affordability or long-time home owners looking for an easier life style, home buying may be a new or only distantly remembered experience. Buyers may not think about the very real differences between buying a condo and buying a single family home."

How to Decide Whether to Buy a Condominium Unit or Not by WikiHow
"It builds value over time when you own. It’s practical for people who want to live in specific area that fits their lifestyle or have a shorter commute to work if you live in the inner city and don’t want the hassle of driving and costs of parking. It’s an ideal starter property for young working professionals and couples who need to build experience in owning and maintaining property."

Investors squeezing out homebuyers by Alex Veiga
"Across the country, some 22 percent of all previously owned homes sold in December were purchased entirely with cash, up from 16 percent a year earlier. That's the highest level since March and April, when all-cash purchases made up 30 percent of sales, according to a survey by the trade association. That rate jumps even higher in metro areas where foreclosures have driven home prices down sharply."

Tips for Buying a Condo at a Bargain by
"These days it's not easy owning a condo, or any house located in a community that requires homeowners to pay fees. As more owners in these communities feel financially pinched, many aren't paying dues. That means residents who keep up with the bills have to pay a bigger share of the burden—and if there aren't enough reserves to pay to replace worn-out roofs or fix a cracked sidewalk, they face the possibility of bumped-up dues or an unexpected special assessment."

A guide to bying a condominium by
"The easiest way to understand the concept of condominium ownership is to see at as an apartment you own (in fact, many condominiums are apartments that have been converted over the years). Your ownership extends inward from your interior walls, floors and ceilings. In addition, you are a partner, with all of the other owners in the complex, of the exterior structure (the foundation, exterior walls and roof) as well as any common areas and amenities (for example, swimming pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, play areas, etc.)"

Buy a Condo or House? by L. Marie Dubuque
"Falling real estate prices and surging gas prices make anyone uneasy about signing the dotted line on a home purchase. But if you’re looking for a condo either to rent out or live in, now may be a great time to buy. Why?"

How to Buy a Condominium by
"If your version of the American dream doesn't include mowing the lawn, think about buying a condo. Good options for both first-time home buyers and older folks who are ready to downsize, condos are typically smaller and less expensive than a single family home, and can include attractive amenities as part of a home owners association (HOA), such as pools and fitness facilities. Bone up on both the pluses and the minuses."

Tips for buying a condominium by Jtfall
" Buying a condominium, or “condo” as they're more commonly called, is a relatively straightforward process. While many people used to purchase condos as vacation getaways, more and more people are buying them to live in year-round. Take the below advice into consideration before taking the plunge and buying a condo."

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