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Hong Kong Attractions


Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities and ports in the world. Yet it is not the hectic pace of life that will leave you breathless. Instead, it is the very serenity of the Peak that will make you catch your breath….

This hill on the southern shore of Hong Kong Island will indeed leave you speechless with wonder at the stunning panorama that can be seen at its pinnacle. The marvelous vista is further enhanced by its lovely, walks under a canopy of trees and by the Victoria Peak Garden, the former residence of the Governor of Hong Kong. And the ride on the Peak Tram is an experience not to be missed!

An ideal place to spend some quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy a picnic at the Peak, where youll be serenaded by Mother Natures very own musical ensemble - the chirping birds and crickets, accompanied by the rustling leaves and gentle whisper of the breeze.

Simply stunning - the view atop the Peak will have even the most hardened of sceptics marvelling at the beauty of Mother Natures handiwork. So, take a little trip up to the Peak, where youll learn to rediscover and love the simple things in life!

Western District

The pioneers of America headed west, where they found a whole new land and forged a whole new life; visitors to Hong Kong should also Go West, all the way to Western District - to get a better glimpse of the Chinese culture and life of the Hong Kong Chinese.

With lots of antiques, crafts and curios on sale in Western District, visitors would no doubt get a feel of the diverse beauty of the culture. With the traditional medicine shops proudly proclaiming their cure-alls derived from various herbs and animal parts, visitors would certainly gain an eye-opening experience of the old practices of the local people. And with its old, sculptured temples - some more than a hundred years old - visitors will definitely celebrate the spirit of life, as the locals know it.

The Western District epitomises all that the Chinese of yesteryear hold dear. The uniqueness of the old way of life is still partly preserved in the Western District; this area is all the more attractive for showing up the contrast of a life and culture that is slowly but surely giving way to the hip and modern way of life. So, head out west for a blast from the past!

The Star Ferry

In Hong Kong, one of lifes simple pleasures is taking a ride on the Star Ferry that enables commuters to get from Kowloon to Hong Kong and vice-versa. The decks of the ferries offer one fabulous views of the island.

Starry-eyed romantics will not want to miss this ride and lovers who only have eyes for each other will no doubt have to tear their gazes from each other as the panorama will just about steal your breath away, particularly at twilight time, when it is especially enchanting, with man-made lights lighting up in unison with the twinkling stars in the darkening sky.

So, for the many of us who cannot afford a luxury cruise, therere always the ferries of Hong Kong to set the lovely relaxing mood of an adventure at sea. Just close your eyes and let your imagination sail the Seven Seas….

Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau means "Long Island" and the fishing community still live in real wooden junks - their traditional homes. But there is a difference here, these boats have very modern equipment to find fishes!

Vehicles are virtually non-existent here and visitors get to enjoy a relaxing walk as they make their way down the waterfront, simply called the "Praya". Seafood drying in the sun, fresh shellfish on sale and seafood restaurants are common sights here. The Praya becomes a pretty promenade, a la Mediterranean, in the evenings, while the