Generate more leads from Moveandstay

Provide Quality Content

  • High quality photos of your property can double your average number of leads!
  • It is proven: Virtual tours make prospect take their decision faster
  • Simple and informative text work best!

Offer Competitive Internet rates and packages

  • Increase your competitiveness with special Internet rates
  • Give free gifts/coupons for long term stays
  • Offer packages and services (i.e. Limousine service)

Receive Leads from Japanese market with Moveandstay Japan

  • Translate your property listing in Japanese:
  • 60 millions Japanese Internet users
  • 95% of Japanese are not able to read English fluently
  • Ask us for translation services

Convert qualified leads into bookings

Reply Fast to Emails: Visitors expect a fast reply if not instant. Make sure you give them a reply within 12 hours.

Send Them What They Need: Do send the information requested but do not add the whole brochure unless specified!

Customize Your Messages: Do NOT copy and paste your replies. Make it personal as e-mail is interactive. No brochure-type response!!

Give Them A Call To Action: Either phone call or an invitation for visiting the property, you MUST give them a call for action.

Never Give up, Resend: People are busy and forget sometimes. Do resend your email until you receive a reply.

Next steps

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