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Bangkok Dos and Donts

Dos and Donts

DONT buy gemstones or jewellery unless it is from a reputable dealer with a registered gemstone dealer.

DONT carry anything through customs for anyone else unless you know the contents. Penalties for drug trafficking are severe.

DONT overstay. Fines are imposed for each day you stay in Thailand beyond the date of the visa expiry, currently Baht 200 per day.

DO be careful with your passport. Be on guard against pickpockets or inadvertent loss.

DO be careful when driving in Thailand. Only use car hire companies, which offer full insurance coverage.

DO dress in a manner fitting to local custom and sensibilities.

DO respect Thai customs. While Thais are generally forgiving towards visitors disrespect towards images of Buddha or the Royal Family will not be tolerated.

DO ensure you have adequate travel insurance and that it covers both medical treatment and unexpected losses/expenses/theft.

DO follow common sense health precautions and check with your local doctor on current vaccination recommendations for traveling within Thailand.

DO take care of your valuables at all times and report any loss immediately to the nearest tourist police office.

What to Wear

Light, loose cotton clothing is best. Nylon should be avoided.

Sweaters are needed during the cool season evenings or if visiting mountainous areas or national parks.

Jackets and ties are required in a few restaurants and nightclubs.

Neat clothes are required for entering temples or palaces.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand receives over 1,000 complaints a year about fake jewellery purchases.

To avoid being a statistic, you must stay alert to the warning signs of a swindle at work.

Heeding our warning could help you stave off unpleasent surprises and make your vacation what it should be - full of sparkle.