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Bangkok Asian Airlines Business Class

Thai Airways Business Class – Truly Called The Royal Silk Class

Thai Airways operates from Suvarnabhumi Airport and is headquartered at Bangkok. The airline service is well-known for operating the world’s longest commercial flights. As a result, the company has been able to bag a number of prestigious awards and it is also a founding member of Star Alliance. It is one of the prestigious airline services around the world, known for offering good configurations in the form of various travel classes.

Bangkok has many other great facilities for business travelers that can be learnt at The website provides information like business lounges, hotels and offices in the city.

The following discussion contains information about the business class of Thai Airways, popularly known as the Royal Silk Class for offering a royal and smooth experience to the passengers.

Comfortable Seating Installed

The seats installed in the Royal Silk Class of Thai Airways are the symbols of ultimate comfort and luxury. Here are some of the good phpects of these seats installed in Boeing 747-400s and Airbus 340-500/600:

A pitch of 60 inch.

A reclining angle of 167 degree in case you want to take rest or sleep.

One can find similar arrangements of seats in the business class of different flights. The newly launched capsule seats have further extended the level of comfort for the individuals traveling through the Thai Airways business class. Boeing 777-200ER and 777-300 are the aircrafts, which have been installed with this new form of comfortable seating. 

Facilities Surrounding Passengers

The passengers are facilitated with a number of useful services that include:

Power outlets for connecting laptops, with no adapters required.

Individual telephones on every seat to facilitate in-flight communication.

Large touch-control private screens to get entertained with huge variety of movies, music albums as well as games. A number of channels can be explored using this facility to get desired form of entertainment.

Sky map progress chart for the passengers.

Audio video on demand facility for the passengers to choose the favorite form of entertainment.

Exterior cameras that offer the ground views during take off and landing.

Apart from this, the passengers are also served with amenity kits and make it a useful experience for them.

Royal Orchid Service 

The Royal Orchid Service of Thai Airways is a state-of-the-art facility for the passengers traveling in the business class of the airlines. The personal services meet high standards and represent the hospitality of the efficient crew members.

Gourmet meals are among the highlights of the Royal Orchid Service. The business class passengers are offered a huge variety of cuisines of Thai origin. One can also find Asian as well as international cuisines included in the menu. Apart from this, there are large number of liqueurs and wines available to match the tastes of the passengers.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Class is capable of offering world-class services to the business travelers. Those planning their business trip through Thai Airways can expect a good flying experience on their way.