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You get direct access to serviced apartment and serviced office owners so that you can get the very best rate. To help you with your search, we give you instant pricing and availability so that you contact properties matching with your requirements.

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Serviced Apartment in Bangkok: Secure the Booking of Your Choice
Are you planning a short vacation or an extended holiday in Bangkok and looking for a place to stay that's both comfortable and affordable? A serviced apartment is the answer. Your serviced apartment Bangkok will provide all the luxuries of home at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. Nearly all offer five-star luxury and let you enjoy your stay in your own way. Each apartment offers a relaxed living room for entertainment, space to work and a kitchen where you can prepare meals. 

There are great hotels in Bangkok, but they are expensive and limit your choices. Most, for example, force you to eat out for every meal because they do not have kitchens in their rooms. Your serviced apartment Bangkok offers much more flexibility. You can still dine out if you choose, or you can prepare your own dinner in your own kitchen. Whether you plan to fly to Bangkok for a family vacation or for business, you can find serviced apartments at a price you can afford. Sizes range from studios to four-bedrooms, and serviced apartments can be booked at very low rates, whether by the day, week or month. Hotels do not offer such flexibility.

Here's a closer look at serviced apartments:
Serviced apartments are available everywhere in Bangkok. If money is not a problem, consider an apartment in the heart of the city. You'll find easy access to shopping, entertainment and supermarkets. You'll pay less for apartments farther from the city center. Public transportation or taxis can get you where you need to go.

Bangkok serviced apartments offer comprehensive services, including fitness centers, spas, lush gardens, swimming pools business centers and high-speed Internet access. Sports fans will find nearby golf courses and billiard clubs. Casual dining, if you choose not to cook for yourself, is often available in the same building or just a short walk away.

Inside your apartment, you'll relax in a spacious living room that has a sectional sofa, air conditioning and state-of-the-art TV. In the bedroom, you'll often find a comfortable king-sized bed. Luxury apartments also include balconies and small gardens where you can enjoy your morning or evening teas. Most serviced apartments have a front desk that can help you plan your days in the city and find essential services such as a doctor or church.

Serviced apartments provide the amenities and services you'd expect from five-star hotels at a fraction of the price. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, our service will help you find and book an apartment that fits in your budget and provide all the amenities and services you desire.

Bangkok Serviced Apartments Bring Flexibility and Comfort within Affordability

Whether you are planning a crucial business meeting or comfy family holidays, Bangkok serviced apartments assure you all comfort. Luxury of a five-star hotel is available, but is expensive. Apartments provide flexibility within affordability. These are relevant for a short as well as longer stay in Bangkok.
Easily accessible locations, modern amenities and flexible tariff rates have made these serviced apartments a popular choice. Unlike five star hotels, you get more flexibility to enjoy your stay the way you wish. At affordable prices, you can book any of the apartments for your family excursions to Bangkok. If you want a prime location apartment, the price may, however, go up slightly.

What’s more?
Every modern facility including gym and fitness center, sauna and spas, entertainment hall, electronic safe and high speed internet access are offered at these apartments. You can choose any size - from a studio to large 4-bedroom apartments. Besides, every room has an adjoining balcony, wherefrom you can enjoy the beautiful sights of Bangkok anytime you wish.
If you wish, you can opt for a casual dinner; but it’s not a must. You can plan to take meal from outside or cook it your own way in the kitchen provided in these apartments. In the kitchen of your apartment, you can cook your food if you are not allowed to eat outside food.

What’s so special about it?
You can book these apartments for days, weeks or months. Booking rates are much lower and availability of rooms is comparatively easier. Once your apartment is booked, booking cab for visiting entertainment centers, shopping malls and supermarket becomes quite easier—and you pay no extra money for getting this service at your doorstep.
Enjoying stay in Bangkok becomes a heck of a lot easier, once you book your apartment. Luxurious stay in five-star hotels is far expensive. If you are very choosey or fussy type and want everything perfect during your holidays in Bangkok, serviced apartments would be the smartest choice.

Don’t waste your money by selecting any hotel. Get a prime location apartment in Bangkok that assures flexibility and comfort within affordability.