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Auckland Money and Costs

Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living varies depending on where you live in New Zealand. The New Zealand Immigration Service advises prospective migrants the average cost per week including dining out, rent or home ownership (mortgages etc), running and equipping the home, clothing and footwear and transport and travel would be in the vicinity of NZ$450.00. However, we believe these figures to be on the conservative side particularly for Auckland residents.

Auckland is the most expensive city in New Zealand in which to live, particularly for housing. However, Auckland salaries tend to be higher. The further South, the less expensive the cost of living becomes.


For a family of four, weekly grocery spending would be approximately $150.00 per week. The four major grocery chains, Foodtown, Big Fresh, Woolworths and New World are competitive.

Below is an indication of what you may pay for various items. (Prices for October 1998)

Milk (2 litres)






Eggs (1 doz)


Cheese (250 gm)


Bread (1 loaf)






(500 gm)




Jam (500 gm)




Coffee (instant 100 gm)


Coffee beans (kg)


Tea Bags


Biscuits (pkt)


Rice (kg)






Toilet Paper (pk of<