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Auckland Communications

New Zealand offers a substantial communications infrastructure of which Manukau reaps equal benefit. There is a range of telecommunications providers, who are aligned with international companies such as Bell Atlantic, AT&T, British Telecom, Sprint, and Cable & Wireless.

New Zealand is well linked internationally, and has a competitive, deregulated market that has continually reduced the cost of national and international tolls. Charges from New Zealand, particularly for high volume traffic, are internationally competitive.

Due to New Zealands focus on technology and its relative isolation on the world map, the internet was embraced early and presently NZ has one of the highest usage levels and web sites per capita in the world. Technologies such as DSL and Adaptive Broadband (wireless) are commonly in use. If you are on holiday here you will find cybercafes and internet access points everywhere, even the smallest towns. Just ask the locals for the nearest one if you want to pop off a quick email home.

Internet Service Providers
There is a choice of five national and more than 40 local Internet Service Providers. There are a full range of Internet support services available, including design, development and engineering.

Cable Systems
There are four international submarine cable systems, two fibre optic and two co-axial cable, with terminal sites in New Zealand. The current project is the Southern Cross fibre optic cable, which will span the Pacific ocean linking Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and the US mainland and provide a total of 200 Gbit/s of capacity.

Satellite Systems
Satellite system links to and from New Zealand provide primary routes and alternative international capacity to supplement cable capacity.

News & Media

If you would like to be informed about the day to day news in NZ on a weekly basis, you may want to subscribe to Brian Harmer s WYSIWYG News, NZs most well known electronic newspaper with subscribers in dozens of countries around the world. It is also posted in You can subscribe by adding yourself to the WYSIWYG News E-mail list at the Akiko International web site.

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